Fluidized Screening of MEC

Fluidized Screening of MEC

Fluidized Screening of MEC

MEC – Munitions and Explosives of Concern

The Extractor 3300 has proven very safe and effective, and is approved by the USACE for removal of MEC on dredging projects. Because the MEC is removed before the sand is ever deposited into the beach, the project risk is greatly reduced.

Past Technology

Rock Box = Rock boxes clog and need to be changed often reducing productivity.

Dry Sand Screening = Post-dredge remediation screening is response to a problem that’s already on the Beach.

New Technology

Fluidized Screening = Extractor 3300

  •  Material is automatically and efficiently removed before it hits the beach. Material is only handled once, reducing time and cost.
  • The FRS process removes the oversized material and foreign debris from the sand/water slurry during the dredge pumping process. The oversized material and foreign debris is deposited directly into an off-road truck or dumpster. The beach sand and water are discharged directly onto the beach, ready for placement. This process is automatic and continuous. Allowing less down time and increased productivity.
  • Screens can be quickly changed to any common size to meet project specs.
  • Self-contained, self-powered and self-propelled screener
  • USACE approved for MEC removal.