The Advantages of Fluidized Rock Systems

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The Advantages of Fluidized Rock Systems

Increased production

  • No need to stop and change rock boxes. The FRS screener automatically empties itself into an off-road truck or dumpster.

Cost Savings

  • No need for remediation afterward. The small cost of using the FRS screener can be built into the project up front.
  • Prior projects have shown that the small cost of the FRS screener is more than offset by the overall increase in production many times over.

Public perception

  • No oversized bad material ever gets put on the beach. So the issue is over before it ever gets started.

New borrow areas?

  • The use of the FRS may allow dredging in borrow areas previously thought to be to “rocky”.

Self contained and self propelled

  • Entire unit is diesel over hydraulic allowing it to operate safely and independently.

Remote control operated – for additional safety

Fluidized Rock Systems is approved for use by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers